Simi Stone at Spiegeltent!

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Woodstock Film Festival Trailers

Edison’s David Baron and Tim Bright score Woodstock Film Festival trailers. The same picture was scored three different ways. A fun project for a fantastic festival! Saxes by Tony Aiello. Drums by Ben Perowsky. Everything else played by Baron/Bright. Artwork by Scott Michael Ackerman. Animated by Edgeworx Studios, LLC.

Woodstock Film Festival Trailer: Dreamy

Dreamy Woodstock Film Festival from Edison Music on Vimeo.

Woodstock Film Festival Trailer: Mystery

Mystery Woodstock Film Festival from Edison Music on Vimeo.

Woodstock Film Festival Trailer: Panther

Panther Woodstock Film Festival from Edison Music on Vimeo.

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Edison Scores Jonathan Ames Short

Edison’s Tim Bright and David Baron score a humorous short film starring the author Jonathan Ames. The music varies from lounge jazz to traditional classical.

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Simi Stone “All of the People” Clip Video

Simi Stone and David Baron have been working with fantastic musicians on an upcoming record. This is a clip video from scenes of 80s NYC. Here’s a preview:

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Music Question of the Day: Song that is perfect for a Diner

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VH1 DIVAS. Main Title Music by Edison

VH1 DIVAS. Main Title Music by Edison

Edison Music has scored the main title for Divas. The show features a huge number of performers and features tributes to Donna Summer and Whitney Houston.  The music is a modern electronic re-work of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Always nice to work with a bit of good source material. Time to dance! 

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A few things I learned in the studio:

Let things happen. Give ideas a chance. A seemingly bad idea might lead to a brilliant one. Multiple minds function on a higher level.  Listen to what people say.

Limit your options.

Never walk into the studio and say “hey this sounds just like something else, hold on let me think of it…”
People play better if they like the snacks at the studio.
Bass players and drummers either click or they don’t.
Resist the urge to micromanage performances.
Think James Brown not Justin Bieber. Let the vocal be natural and real.
You can do all that evil editing/tuning/melodyning stuff when nobody else is around.
You will never be thanked by anyone for over-editing.
Don’t put microphones too close to instruments, they need some air to develop a sound.
Stop complaining about the music business. We’re lucky to be making music.
There’s always someone you can learn a lot from. Don’t compete with them.
I asked Phil Ramone advice on being a good producer and he said “enjoy the music and each other”.
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‘Another Sky,’ Burnell Pines Official Music Video

Jeremy is playing the Woodstock Film Festival on Sunday at the Bearsville Theater. Jeremy and I composed this song around an Emily Dickinson poem “There Is Another Sky”.  The song was recorded at Edison’s own Sun Mountain Studios using some crazy retro gear.  The band is Bernstein on acoustics, Zach Alford on drums, Adam Widoff on bass and guitar, myself on piano and organ.  Mixed by D. James Goodwin at Isokon in Woodstock.  We wanted to capture the feeling of the Woodstock area in song.  Antoine Wagner, related to the super-composer Wagner, directed, edited, and shot this video.

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Woodstock Film Festival Performance Simi Stone with Cleveland Jones

This week is the 2012 Woodstock Film Festival. Simi Stone is performing on Thursday night at 9pm with special guest Cleveland Jones at the Colony.  Simi and I have been writing original songs that are part 60s/70s with a modern twist. We will be playing these songs with a crack band (Zach Alford, Sara Lee, Adam Widoff, myself, and a horn section!). Cleveland Jones (Big 3 Records) is an excellent new artist that combines soul/rock with a strong early-solo-era  Peter Gabriel influence.  I have also been working with him as a co-writer/arranger.  It’s going to be a great night of new music!

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TOTU Analog Modular Synthesizers One by One

I’m in love with analog modular synthesizers. I go one by one to show what they do and how different they are from one another. This is just the tip of the analog iceberg!

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