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Sun Mountain Stomp Redux

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Woodstock Film Festival Performance Simi Stone with Cleveland Jones

This week is the 2012 Woodstock Film Festival. Simi Stone is performing on Thursday night at 9pm with special guest Cleveland Jones at the Colony.  Simi and I have been writing original songs that are part 60s/70s with a modern

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TOTU Analog Modular Synthesizers One by One

I’m in love with analog modular synthesizers. I go one by one to show what they do and how different they are from one another. This is just the tip of the analog iceberg!

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Keyboard Fantasy at Edison Studios

I have been making little videos with my little camera and my studio for the purposes of demonstrating the different qualities of instruments in the studio. This particular one is a bit of a lullaby that starts on piano and goes through the collection. I particularly enjoyed the Multivox MX3000 because it’s both rare and strange.

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Darth Vader vs Hitler. Epic Rap Battles of History 2 – YouTube

I think this was made for me personally.

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VH1 Do Something! Awards

Congratulations to VH1/Six Flags for being the Winner Best Branding Campaign “VH1 Do Something! Awards” from Digital Out of Home Awards. Edison did the branding and title music for the Do Something Awards.

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IdN™ Onair® — Nicktoons Idents by nailgun

Check out some sonic work by Edison! Awesome visuals by Nailgun. .

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