About Edison Music…

The universe needed another original music and sound design house. We first tried opening our office on Io, one of the outer moons of Jupiter but the storms were really something, made the East Coast look like a paradise. We have now relocated on Earth in a mythical land called New York State.

Edison is run by David Baron. Edison has been involved in many aspects of sonic creation including branding, network launches, show packaging, scores, music for advertising, music for music’s sake, and records for artists. We work as a team expanding and contracting to the specific needs of each project all under the watchful ear of Mr. Baron. We have our own highly equipped starship studio with the best of analog, digital, acoustic, and caffeine technology.

We are happy to be back on Earth. Take us to your leader! AH, forget the leader and join our Sonic Revolution — which, in fact, will be televised.

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