A few things I learned in the studio:

Let things happen. Give ideas a chance. A seemingly bad idea might lead to a brilliant one. Multiple minds function on a higher level.  Listen to what people say.

Limit your options.

Never walk into the studio and say “hey this sounds just like something else, hold on let me think of it…”
People play better if they like the snacks at the studio.
Bass players and drummers either click or they don’t.
Resist the urge to micromanage performances.
Think James Brown not Justin Bieber. Let the vocal be natural and real.
You can do all that evil editing/tuning/melodyning stuff when nobody else is around.
You will never be thanked by anyone for over-editing.
Don’t put microphones too close to instruments, they need some air to develop a sound.
Stop complaining about the music business. We’re lucky to be making music.
There’s always someone you can learn a lot from. Don’t compete with them.
I asked Phil Ramone advice on being a good producer and he said “enjoy the music and each other”.
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